There is definitely something special about enjoying the peacefulness of the outside world and not being distracted by the modern day. However, at times it is also nice to enjoy listening and learning from informative and inspirational podcasts.

Here are a selection of my favourite podcasts that I enjoy listening to whilst running or driving.

Marathon Talk iTunes artwork

Marathon Talk

"The" running podcast. If you are into running then this is the podcast for you. As the name suggest it does focus on the 26.2 mile marathon distance, but it also covers a whole range of other running and running related news.

It is presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams, who are not only very knowledgeable on all-things running, but are also very funny and eaasy to listen to.

Latest Episode

  • Fri 17th May 2024
  • E43: Mallory Creveling - Runner’s World Deputy Editor, Health & Fitness

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Mountain iTunes Artwork


A really professional and inspiring podcast all about Mountains. Presented by Christopher Sleight.

Latest Episode

  • Fri 14th Jul 2017
  • #20 The fall, part II

Jackie Greaves survives for two nights during a big winter storm. She’s finally found by a search and rescue dog, bundled into a helicopter and flown to hospital. Jackie’s safe, but then another ordeal begins. Music Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman, Namaste by Jason Shaw, Impact Prelude by Kevin MacLeod, Hung Balance by Ketsa, Cylinder Five …

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Talk Ultra iTunes artwork

Talk Ultra

If you are going for a long run or have a lot of time, Talk Ultra is a great podcast to get in depth news and information about the crazy world of ultra running.

Latest Episode

  • Tue 2nd Apr 2024
  • Episode 246 : Nicki Marsh - MDS The Legendary

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