Caving: Yorkshire (22-Jul-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Large Pot (22-Jul-00)

  • Snablet, Mike Alderton, Tangent, Pete Whitaker

  • Large Pot

  • 04:45 hours
  • 421:00 cumulative hours

After meeting Snablet and Pete at the cafe in Ingleton we headed off to Ireby to do Large Pot. We were going to do an exchange trip with Rift pot but didn't have enough rope. We descended down until what rope we had had run out. This did not stop us continuing as we tied everyone's SRT kits together and descended the next couple of short pitches using SRT kits as handlines. On the way back out we looked for the connection with Rift pot and all we found was a nasty duck (which after consulting the guidebook on the surface turned out to be the right way). After this excellent trip we went back to Ingleton to buy lots of expedition kit for Austria (40Kg carbide, ropes, pitons, and hangers) and then back to Braida Garth (the NCC hut).

Caving: Diccan Pot (23-Jul-00)

  • Snablet

  • Diccan Pot

  • 03:00 hours
  • 424:00 cumulative hours

After a late start because of a)deciding what to do and b)buying more expedition kit (thermals, bivi bags, sleeping bags) we eventually arrived at Sellside where we parked up and got changed. Snablet and I went down Diccan while Tangent and Mike messed about in upper and lower long churn before heading off to rig Alum Pot. Diccan was good, quite wet and sporting.' We each took turns in doing the rigging but unfortunately I rigged the last pitch that took us into Alum pot and the rope wasn't long enough. I prussiked back up to the re-belay and Snablet went back up and shortened the ropes on the other pitches so we had a spare rope while I sat on a little ledge by the re-belay. I then went back down tied the spare rope on and carried on to the bottom. It was perfect timing as Tangent and Mike was just arriving as we were.' After prussiking the magnificent Alum Pot we messed about in upper/lower long churn while the others came out Diccan. Overall a good pre-expedition weekend.

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