Caving: Yorkshire(02-Feb-02)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Large Pot (02-Feb-02)

  • Bea Goford, Tim Lamberton, Rich Bayfield

  • Large Pot

  • 07:45 hours
  • 936:45 cumulative hours

With no recollection of doing this trip previously with Snablet, Tim headed down to the first pitch not realising that the approach needed doing feet first because of the restrictive pitch head. I dragged Tim out by his feet so he could turn around and rig the 1st pitch. After some navigational problems we eventually got to the bottom where upon a speedy exit was made as time was getting on. To speed things up we tandemed up the ropes.

Caving: Sell Gill Holes (03-Feb-02)

  • Bea Goford, Tim Lamberton, Rich Bayfield, Sarah Timmis

  • Sell Gill Holes

  • 03:00 hours
  • 939:45 cumulative hours

Rigging training for Bea. It was planned that while I was doing this with Bea in the active route the others would do the fossil route. However the fossil route was extremelly overcrowded so we all did the active route. The pitches were very wet but we made it to the bottom without any problems only to find Rich was hung up on a knot change just below the first pitch. I went up to help then returtned with Rich to meet the others. Bea and I exited first while the others derigged.

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