Caving: Yorkshire (01-Apr-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Cow Pot (01-Apr-00)

  • Nick Gymer, Elaine Hill, + 2 CPC

  • Cow Pot

  • 03:45 hours
  • 319:15 cumulative hours

This trip was planned as one of the training weekends for people going to the Bouger from the Craven. We did it as a exchange trip. The team I was with rigged cow pot and we descended down into Lancaster system. Where we passed the other group who had rigged Lancaster pot so we could get out. The last pitch from cow pot into Lancaster was amazing as it just dropped you out into this huge chamber.

Caving: Sell Gill Holes (02-Apr-00)

  • Nick Gymer, Elaine Hill

  • Sell Gill Holes

  • 02:30 hours
  • 321:45 cumulative hours

It was quite a lazy day but I learnt a fair bit as in the morning we went to the Bouger rescue training in Dent at the Lyon centre, we left this at lunch time to go and do sell gill. After a 1/2 hour walk down the Pennine way in the rain we made it to sell gill. We went down the dry route. I rigged the entrance pitch and the traverse of the second pitch. Elaine then had planned to rig the rest of the second pitch but nick ended up doing it. Elaine then rigged the third pitch. We was fast running out of time so I de-rigged the third and second pitch and then left the cave and headed back to the craven to start washing ropes so we could get away earlier.

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