Caving: Swildons Hole & GB Cave (13 & 14 Jan-18)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Swildons Hole (13-Jan-18)

  • Daf, Ian, Rich, Kate, Rhys, Jim, Tim, Chris, Jenna, Mike, Grace, Matt, Ollie, Beth

  • Swildons Hole

  • 06:30 hours
  • 2,108:15 cumulative hours

I initially thought that a group of 16 of us doing the Short Round Trip would be far too big, but it worked out well due to the amount of bailing we had to do.  Water levels weren't too bad in the river but the sumps/ducks on the round trip were very high.

We spent about 1 hour 15 mins bailing the mud sump to get an airspace (about 10cm) we could all get through. The first of double trouble was sumped which we bailed for about 30mins. The wet squeeze after the two double troubles (not sure what it is called) was also unexpectedly sumped by quite a long way. We probably spent about 1 hour bailing this.

Once at the landing, we split down into 4 groups of 4 to speed things up as everyone was getting cold and headed out. It was suprisingly quick on the way out.

A throughly wet, tiring but entertaining trip. 

Caving: GB Cave (14-Jan-18)

  • Daf, Ian, Rich, Kate, Tim, Chris, Jenna, Mike, Grace, Matt, Ollie, Rich L

  • Gb Cavern

  • 03:00 hours
  • 2,111:15 cumulative hours

After the saga of collecting the wrong key from the Belfy (we got the CSCC key, instead of the GB key), I had to go back and get the correct key. We had a nice easy trip down through the main chamber and up into Bat Dig. A few went though the duck to the further reaches whilst others made an earlier escape to the pub.

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