Caving: South Wales (31-Mar-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Lanelli Quarry Pot (31-Mar-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Tim Lamberton, Tangent

  • Lanelli Quarry Pot

  • 04:00 hours
  • 635:30 cumulative hours

Finally we managed to find somewhere where we could get underground after several weeks of laziness in Cardiff and indoor climbing walls due to the foot & mouth outbreak across the country. After a morning of sorting out kit because of the lack of caving recently done we eventually headed off down to the quarry from Tim Mclains house. Once at the very unstable entrance we headed in slowly and carefully to avoid bringing the whole lot down. Once in the more stable part of the cave we reached the 30m pitch which once descended led to the streamway via a scaffolded climb. Firstly we went downstream where it eventually got tighter and then closed down (apparently there is away on at higher level). After that we went upstream through some easy going streamway before hitting the 80' duck which we passed quickly and then reached the terminal sump after passing through a boulder choke. The way out was not without its usual epics as due to the lack of SRT kits I climbed the pitch using a single jammer as protection but once at the top realised the jammer wasn't actually engaged to the rope - could have ended a lot worse. From here our exit was strenuous but relatively simple. Good to be back underground after such a long break.

Caving: Cathedral Cave (01-Apr-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Tim Lamberton, Tim M

  • Cathedral Cave

  • 02:00 hours
  • 637:30 cumulative hours

An extremely efficient start was had considering we were going diving and we were at Dan-Yr-Ogof quite early where we off-loaded Tangent onto Lump and Sean Parker who were going down DYO. We then got changed and carried our gear into Cathedral Cave. Its an excellent dive site as you sort all your gear and get changed on the concrete path under the lights of the showcave. The two Tim's dived first while Mike and I waited rather nervously for them to return so as we could use there kit to do what they had just done. When they re-surfaced we waited for a little while for the viz to improve and also so as to delay our dive. Eventually we were kitting up amongst the tourists, I then dived in followed by mike. The dive had excellent viz and we are not sure but must be about 150m at about 9m deep. There is a airbell 30m in which you have to leave the line to reach (not very comforting in disturbed viz). Once at the end we discussed the possibility of doing the dry bit of caving to the boulder choke but couldn't be bothered so turned round and made a our way out. Definitely one to do again. Our first dive as CDG members!!

Diving Logbook

Diving: Cathedral Cave (01-Apr-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Tim Lamberton

  • Cathedral Cave, South Wales

  • 01:00 dive time hours
  • 6m Depth

Vizibility stirred up because the two Tim's went in first. Luxury being able to change and kit-up on showcave path.

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