Caving: South Wales (24-Feb-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Dyo (24-Feb-01)

  • Tim Lamberton, Joel Corrigan, Bea Goford, + 1 UBSS

  • Dan-Yr-Ogof

  • 03:30 hours
  • 627:30 cumulative hours

After posing to all the tourists in the showcave with dive bottles strapped to our side we made our way as last time down to the washing machine. Joel actually got into the water this time but as expected not without the usual mishaps. After Joel disappeared out of site the rest of us continued on to mazeways but the 1st sump was sumped (low water conditions, so thought we might be able to get through). From here we continued around to the Green Canal where we swam across without the life jackets because they were the otherside. Without any navigational errors we made our way back to the washing machine. Joel had dived in 70m (length of line reel) to an unknown depth (no gauge) but said it was quite deep as he felt knarked. After packing all the kit we headed round to the crystal pool where a new traverse line was rigged. With bottles and other diving stuff in tow we then headed out minus my light which had just failed. Back on the surface we had a pint at the pub while waiting for Joel then headed back to Cardiff in torrential snow.

Caving: Darren Cillau (25-Feb-01)

  • Various members of various rescue teams plus lots of other cavers

  • Darren Cillau

  • 04:00 hours
  • 631:30 cumulative hours

25/02/01 - 26/02/01 (24 Hrs Total) Back at the cars after an exiting days climbing at Gower Peninsula my phone bleeped lots of messages at me saying Daren Cilau rescue. So Tim drove rather fast back to Cardiff while I phoned lots of CUCC people to try and get some interest. Once at Cardiff we had food, organised kit and tried to get a police escort out of the town centre because of horrendous traffic due to the football. Eventually after being denied a police escort (because of their insurance) we arrived at Whitewalls where the rescue was being co-ordinated from. The incident, a dislocated shoulder, happened late Saturday at the restaurant but the casualty made it back to Hard Rock where they were camping before his friend went to get help. Cave Rescue were first alerted about 3 pm on Saturday and the first people went underground about 6 pm. We arrived at 8 pm just as the second team, which included the doctor were going underground. Sunday evening we just did surface support. We were kept back until they had got him as far as big chamber nowhere near the entrance so as they could have a new batch of people to help him out the entrance crawl. We therefore took advantage of limited sleep, but lots of food, down at the community centre in Crickhowel. Monday morning we drove up to Whitewalls where communications between underground and surface had failed. When they eventually got back up and running the casualty was at big chamber already so we got changed really fast and got to the end of the long crawl within 25 minutes. We met up with him just after the oxbow where from here the others exited and left us to get him out the entrance crawl. The casualty made magnificent progress through the crawl and we were able to keep in constant contact with Whitewalls because of the telephone line running through the crawl. Just before we got the surface, at the last call-point on the telephone wire, I spoke to the press officer who told us to walk straight back to Whitewalls and not to speak to the reporters on the surface. We got to the surface in bright sunshine Monday afternoon and while being dazzled by the sun reflecting of the snow, had BBC & ITV cameras shoved in our face as we crawled out. We then climbed in the Cave Rescue land rover and drove back to Whitewalls with photographers and cameramen following. Lots of kit was sorted and the girls from Cardiff did an excellent job of going back in to collect some of the 15 bags scattered within the cave. While waiting for them to get out we saw ourselves on the news down the pub. A excellent well organised rescue by all involved.

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