Caving: South Wales (07-Jul-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Dyo (07-Jul-01)

  • Martin Groves, Joel Corrigan, Rich Hudson, Krysia Lewandowski

  • Dan-Yr-Ogof

  • 00:30 hours
  • 708:15 cumulative hours

An attempt was made to access the cave in very high water levels. The plan being to rebolt previously spotted aven and survey Dalis Delight. The water was up to the middle railing on the bridge in the lakes but we continued and made it out the lakes, Just. We decided staying in the cave was unwise so headed out and did bolting practise up a tree instead.

Caving: Pwll Dwfn (08-Jul-01)

  • Martin Groves, Bea Goford, Joel Corrigan, Rich Hudson, Krysia Lewandowski

  • Pwll Dwfn

  • 04:00 hours
  • 712:15 cumulative hours

A classic Yorkshire pothole in Wales. MG,RH & KL headed up the hill first followed by the rest of us ? an hour later still to find them searching for the entrance. MG & RH headed in first to rig while JC and I helped KL and BG on the SRT side of things. Once at the bottom we looked at the extremely inviting gin clear sump at the bottom. RH then headed out because he needed to get home. The others then followed and I came up last and de-rigged. A good SRT trip especially for wales.

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