Caving: Priddy Green Sink (01-Sep-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Priddy Green Sink (01-Sep-01)

  • Bea Goford

  • Priddy Green Sink

  • 10:30 hours
  • 834:15 cumulative hours

Yet another trip into this polluted cave. The ropes were collected from the end of clitoris crawl where we had left them the previous weekend and then we continued with the ropes into Swildons4 streamway. Here we washed off all the shit, dumped SRT kits and headed for blue pencil passage. At the troubles we set the siphon running and helped it by bailing now and again. When a vague form of airspace appeared we headed through the troubles. More nasty ducks were passed until eventually arriving in swildons2 streamway. A Rope was then collected from sump2 and we headed upstream towards swildons entrance. Sump 1 was dived and soon the pitch was gained. A bit of time was speant here because Bea had not climbed the pitch before but eventually we were both at the top. Upon reaching the 8' climb below the old forty the stream completely disappeared. We were following a normal sized swildons stream but no water was coming down the 8' water chute, it was all coming from the inlet at the bottom of the climb. The completely dry entrance was reached where we stopped for some food before heading back into darkness and to Priddy green sink. The troubles on the way back were easier as the siphon had almost completely emptied them. Back at cowsh avens we reluctantly headed back up the ropes into priddy green sink. The ropes were de-rigged into two smaller bags so as we could carry one small bag of rope and one SRT kit each through the crawls and out of Priddy green sink. An excellent trip, glad we did it but might think twice about doing it again.

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