Caving: Peak Cavern (16-Jun-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Peak Cavern (16-Jun-01)

  • Martin Groves, Rhys Williams

  • Peak Cavern

  • 06:30 hours
  • 682:30 cumulative hours

Due to foot & mouth restrictions we were allowed into Peak on Saturday so Rhys's friend took us to the bottom of block hall where we would prussik up to White River. Calostimy crawl was extremely muddy and quite hard work on the way there but the way back you could slide on all the gluttonous mud. We soon got into the speedwall system and went up to the dam and gate to the showcave in the mainstream. Rhys's friend the left us to prussik up the fixed ropes. The pitches are excellent but a bit of confusion was had at the top as to which rope to climb up. MG and I went up the wrong one to a dig. After making it to the top of the correct rope a short traverse into a crawl led us to the white river series. We headed left first off which after a short climb led through a very tight squeeze into heaven which boasted some excellent formations. Back at the crawl we then went right which took us down to the main part of white river. This consisted of a dry riverbed full of pristine white calcite crystals. After admiring this stretch of amazing river we headed back down the pitches and back into the Peak system. Here we had to wash of in Buxton water sump before exiting via the showcave.

Caving: Peak Cavern (17-Jun-01)

  • Martin Groves, Rhys Williams, Krysia Lewandowski, Tony Donovan

  • Peak Cavern

  • 02:30 hours
  • 685:00 cumulative hours

A bit of a tourist trip in peak. We covered basically the whole of peak. Visiting Far sump, which I entered for 30 m because of low water levels, turning the 1st bit into a duck. Then was ink sump at the other end of the streamway. The 1st sump I free-dived while everyone else did the by-pass. Ink Sump proper was then looked at before heading over to the upstream side of Buxton water sump. That was almost all of peak covered so we headed out through the showcave again.

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