Caving: Mendips & DYO (25-Aug-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Priddy Green Sink (25-Aug-01)

  • Bea Goford, Rich Bayfield, Chris Morgan

  • Priddy Green Sink

  • 09:00 hours
  • 816:45 cumulative hours

Firstly I went and spoke to the landowner just to make sure he didn't mind us going down Priddy Green, which he didn't as long as we came back out the same way. After arranging access we sorted the ropes and headed down the initially poluted streamway. Amazingly blasted bastard and the rifts leading down to clitoris crawl were not that bad as I remembered even with a tackle bag. Clitoris crawl however did live up to its name and cause all sorts of problems. Lots of sweat and swearing later Bea and I managed to emerge the other side along with the tacklebag. Tin can alley was now the only real obstacle before the pitches but between the two of us we got the tackle bag and us through. The wonderfully pleasant cowsh duck was passed and I rigged the pitches which got us all the way down to the Swildons stream. We had a quick look at sump 4 before heading upstream to meet blue pencil passage. Once joining the round trip an attempt was made to look at shatter pot but navigation problems and tiredness only got us part way there. A return was decided upon as it was now looking like we wouldn't be out until closing time. Before blue pencil we had a look at the troubles which were completely sumped. Back at swildons streamway sump 3 was amazingly crystal clear and the line could be seen going all the way down to the arch. Back at the pitches the others headed back up to priddy green while I derigged. The tacklebag full of wet cow-shit covered ropes was now proving to be a nuisance. I managed to get it as far as clitoris crawl but there was no way I could get it through the crawl. We left the bag and headed out where we were relieved to be back on the surface and able to make the pub but not impressed by the fact the ropes still need retrieving.

Caving: Dyo (27-Aug-01)

  • Bea Goford, Joel Corrigan

  • Dan-Yr-Ogof

  • 07:00 hours
  • 823:45 cumulative hours

At long last this trip has actually happened. Months ago the diving cylinders were carried down to the mazeways entrance pool but various problems (weather, expeditions, F&M) have meant we were unable to dive through. Good time was made getting down to the entrance pool as very little gear was being carried. Joel and I kitted up ready for the dive, then headed through into mazeways while Bea did a solo trip over to the Abyss to de-rig a previously climbed aven. Meanwhile Joel and I had made it to the left-hand mazeways sump pool. I was briefed on the line junctions that were to follow then headed in to the sump with Joel following. Bad line laying through bad vizibility was slow going but soon we made it through to the crystal clear stuff. An excellently formed phreatic tube was followed before picking our way through a boulder choke and surfacing at the top of a pot. We de-kitted and went off to explore mazeways. Lots of stuff was looked at but the purpose of the trip was to look at the place, find out where we were going and what leads there were to push. We noted that a 2m tether and 4m ladder is needed for both the climb out of lake 11 and for the Cribath aven leading up to mazeways 3. A 10m rope would also be useful to get out the pot after surfacing from the sump. Time was now running short so we pulled a few boulders out of the cribath choke with the crowbar to see how feasible digging here would be, then returned back to the sump pool. The dive back went smoothly, again with good vizibility. The vizibility was then lost as we entered the static water just before surfacing. The short entrance pool was dived upon where we met Bea who had fallen asleep. We quickly sorted out kit, stored the cyliders and then made a speedy exit. A return into mazeways is planned.

Diving Logbook

Diving: Stoney Cove (21-Sep-01)

  • Mike Alderton

  • Stoney Cove, Leicester

  • 01:00 dive time hours
  • 35.8m Depth

Good pre-expedition dive. Ironed out lots of problems with kit and skills. Locked up new computer - not sure why.

Diving: Dan-Yr-Ogof (27-Aug-01)

  • Joel Corrigan

  • Dan-Yr-Ogof, South Wales

  • 01:00 dive time hours
  • 6m Depth

Diving was good. Sump 2 was excellent after breaking out of the murky entrance pool water into nice clear streamway. Both 6Ltr cylinders left in cave.

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