Caving: Mendip Hills (30-Sep-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: St Cuthberts (30-Sep-00)

  • Mike Alderton, Martin Groves, Roger Haskett, Neil

  • St Cuthberts

  • 02:15 hours
  • 515:45 cumulative hours

This trip was originally meant to be lead by Roger but due to deteriorating fitness he turned back at ledge pitches and it was fortunate that Martin was with us so we could carry on. We looked at the crystals under 'Friday Night Traverse' ands then onto the 'Vantage Point' to look at the cascades, this was Neil's first Cuthbert's trip so we had to include the pretties. We then messed about in 'Railway Tunnel' and 'Rabbit Warren' before heading to the streamway via 'Plantation Junction'. From the streamway we headed out. Once at the bottom of the rift I was confronted by a rather large undersuit hanging from the ladder, this turned out to be Rogers, as the rift proved to tight for him to get up with out taking it off. A thoroughly good trip.

Caving: Swildons Hole (30-Sep-00)

  • Mike Alderton

  • Swildons Hole

  • 01:15 hours
  • 517:00 cumulative hours

For a Saturday afternoon Swildons was amazingly quiet ' we were the only two down there. We just had a quick trip to sump 2. Freeclimbing the 20' as there was no one else to rely on to have a ladder in place and on the way back freeclimbed the 40'.

Caving: White Pit (30-Sep-00)

  • Mike Alderton, Tony Jarratt, + 4 Others from Brighton

  • White Pit

  • 01:00 hours
  • 518:00 cumulative hours

Third trip of the day took us down White Pit. We all met at J-Rats house got changed and headed over to the shaft. As always it was high in CO2. Me, Mike and someone from the Brighton lot went down to St.Helectites chamber then back up the climb and through the awkward squeezes where we met up with Tony and his group. We then went onto Talus 4 where we marvelled at the formations before completing the round trip and heading out.

Caving: St Cuthberts (01-Oct-00)

  • Zot, Mike Alderton, Mick Wilson

  • St Cuthberts

  • 02:30 hours
  • 520:30 cumulative hours

What was meant to be Mick's proving trip to become a Cuthberts leader turned out to be quite an eventful trip. The first part of the trip went as planned, we headed to the 'Gours' via a slightly different route to normal. From 'Upper Mud Hall' we climbed down to 'Lower Mud Hall' then across to 'Sentary Passage' where we went over to the 'Maypole' series so Zot could send Mick into his dig to collect some spoil. After that it was on to the streamway and up to the gours. Here we waited for Mike Wilson who was taking the Brighton cavers on a standard tourist trip. After a rather large member (Sean) of Mike's Party got stuck in 'Stal Pitch' and had to climb over the top and down the digging rope they eventually made it to the 'Gours'. We split the parties here so as Helmut (a German Caver) could come in our group as his light had run out. We headed off first and had no problems getting back to the surface the standard tourist route. At the top of the entrance rift Mick and Zot stayed behind to help Mike.W get Sean up the rift, the rest of us headed out. After Mike.A and I had got changed we were approached by Zot who explained that Sean was having great difficulties in the rift. I phoned Brian Prewer who came down and opened the MRO store, Zot then took the baby bouncer and some ropes down to the rift. Mike and I stood at the top of the entrance in case anymore kit was needed. The water soon started flowing over the dam but luckily that was followed by a rather tired Sean emerging from the cave assisted by Mike.W. This trip was good experience for Mike and I who were newly appointed Cave Rescue co-ordinators for the BEC.

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