Caving: Mendip Hills (25-Nov-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Eastwater Cavern (25-Nov-00)

  • Tangent

  • Eastwater Cavern

  • 01:30 hours
  • 556:30 cumulative hours

After lots of drink in the hunters and then the Belfry we all decided to go caving. After lots of talking only Tangent and I actually went underground. It took longer than usual to get changed let alone find the actual entrance. The boulder ruckle was nice and wet and started to cure the headache. We went in through upper traverse then down through hallelujah hole where we picked up the lower traverse. Once in the rift chambers we headed back towards the surface via the s-bends and then up into the canyons. It all started going wrong from here. We were climbing up a small climb when I went to hold on to some invisible rock and fell. Tangent was too pissed to climb back down so eventually I got back up and climbed back up what I had just fell down. The next bit was the woggle press where tangent had to use his sling so I could get through. A lot of pain was had getting out the entrance ruckle and tangent had to give me lots of assistance. Once on the surface we still had to walk across the fields back to the belfry. Overall a thoroughly good but painful trip, not to be done again.

Caving: Swildons Hole (25-Nov-00)

  • Mike Alderton, Tim Lamberton, Nick Gymer, Dany Bradshaw, Bob Cork, Rich Blakey, Rich West, James Wier, Mike Wilson, Mick Wilson, Bob Smith, + Others

  • Swildons Hole

  • 00:00 hours
  • 556:30 cumulative hours

A Rescue Practise with an amazingly good turn out. A lot of time was spent by Mike and I (BEC Rescue Co-ordinators) in the preceding months gathering people and promoting interest. We assembled at the Belfry where the scenario was explained and equipment was gathered. We all gathered on the top green where everyone kitted up and headed underground. I was surface support this time (due to Friday nights trip) so I co-ordinated everything on the surface and checked in/out the equipment. Once people were underground I made notes on all radio communications received between surface and underground. Before long Bob was back on the surface and walking across the field, amazing recovery from a broken leg!! We again all assembled at the belfry where a de-brief of the days events was had.

Caving: Swildons Hole (26-Nov-00)

  • Nick Gymer, Crispin Lloyd

  • Swildons Hole

  • 04:30 hours
  • 561:00 cumulative hours

A painful trip but I needed to get some exercise after injuring myself on a drunken Friday night trip down Eastwater. Going was slow first off and that was just getting to the entrance. Caving was painful but got better the more I did. We got to the approach passage to Black Hole Series without any problems and the way to the black hole from here was now straightforward as Tangent and I had done it a couple of weeks previous. Crossing the Black Hole was not a problem and once we were all across we headed towards the streamway and followed it upstream. We soon passed the point Tangent and I reached but continued in more or less the same sort of passage. A few boulder chokes were encountered forcing us to climb out the stream and navigate over the boulders until we could re-find the stream. More streamway and boulder chokes led us to a big chamber where there was some very rusty cooking equipment and utensils. This was obviously the site of an old dig as just upstream of this the way on was blocked and the boulders were held back by scaffolding. With no choice but to turn back we headed back out of the Black Hole and eventually back to the surface. A very long trip considering the state I was in.

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