Caving: Mendip Hills (22-Jun-01)

Caving Logbook

Caving: St Cuthberts (22-Jun-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Annie Audsley, + 1 Other

  • St Cuthberts

  • 01:45 hours
  • 686:45 cumulative hours

A quick pre pub trip on a Friday night. Doing the tourist trip in reverse.

Caving: Wookey Hole (23-Jun-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Martin Groves, Gavin Newman, Keith Savoury, Mike Thomas

  • Wookey Hole

  • 00:30 hours
  • 687:15 cumulative hours

Portering cylinders to Chamber 9. Gavin then preceeded to dive to '62m in sump 25 while filming for the new wookey video. He also lost a ?350 lens in the process. Sump 9 looked very inviting (until the divers stirred it up). MA and I then walked round the showcave to look at the other sumps and fit tourists before leaving.

Caving: St Cuthberts (23-Jun-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Rich Bayfield

  • St Cuthberts

  • 05:30 hours
  • 692:45 cumulative hours

Back down to the aven by sump 2, which we previously bolted to. MA and I looked at it again but concluded for the 2nd time that the calcite blockage was terminal. As MA was abseiling back down I noticed the floor was sounding hollow. After deploying the lump hammer I broke through the false floor into thick mud before hitting a layer of sand and a second thicker false floor. This was broken through and more mud excavated. The floor can still be lowered but forward progress was limited by tougher calcite. Back at the streamway a dam had been built by all the spoil thrown from the aven (sump 2 was blocked anyway). An exit was made with a return trip in mind.

Caving: St Cuthberts (24-Jun-01)

  • Mike Alderton, Martin Groves, Pete Whitaker

  • St Cuthberts

  • 03:00 hours
  • 695:45 cumulative hours

Yet again back to the aven by sump 2 this time with more digging tools. MA and PW went on a pretties trip (PW 1st time in cave) while MG and I attacked the harder calcite with crowbars and lump hammers. Progress was slow due to the thicker calcite. We exited and convinced J-Rat to apply chemical persuasion when he got round to it. We will see what dent the explosives make in the blockage. Could this be the by-pass to sump 2 '''

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