Caving: Mendip Hills (18-Mar-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Barrel Rake (18-Mar-00)

  • Jake, Bob Smith, Tangent

  • Barrel Rake

  • 01:30 hours
  • 301:30 cumulative hours

After fixing the new keypad lock on the Belfry we decided a caving trip was in order. There was one advantage of this and that was you park right next to the entrance shaft. After the 20' entrance of vertical concrete tubes you go round a difficult corner and down a steep rockslide to a very sticky muddy chamber, where digging commences. Its not a very pleasant dig as it starts smelling when you disturb the sediment, its also difficult as digging consists of laying down in the mud filling barrels then hauling back up to the surface.

Caving: St Cuthberts (19-Mar-00)

  • Roger Haskett

  • St Cuthberts

  • 02:00 hours
  • 303:30 cumulative hours

This trip was basically to allow roger to get back into doing the entrance rift as he had not done for a little while. We went in via pulpit pitch then down the water chute to traverse chamber. From here it was sentry passage, mud hall, Friday night traverse and out wire rift.

Caving: Stocks House Mine Shaft (19-Mar-00)

  • Tony Jarratt

  • Stocks House Mine Shaft

  • 02:00 hours
  • 305:30 cumulative hours

Continued lowering the streamway underneath the rat trap. We got so enthusiastic that we blocked ourselves in with spoil and had to dig ourselves out again. I took water samples and temperature readings from the upstream level and planned to do the treasury of the aeops level as well but it was dry. Other samples were taken on the surface to try establish where the water sinks down to stocks house.

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