Caving: Mendip Hills (16-Oct-99)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Thrupe Lane (16-Oct-99)

  • Mike Wilson, Roger Haskett, Sean Howe, Rich Long, Mark

  • Thrupe Lane

  • 04:30 hours
  • 223:15 cumulative hours

After fixing a winch me and Bob Smith had pulled down the hill from Halloween Rift, I headed off with some other BEC members to do Thrupe Lane. A nice easy entrance abseil leads down to a very sharp descending rift, which trashes your gear. There was a bit of a queue at Perseverance Pot as it took a little while for everyone to squeeze down. From there we entered the lovely marble streamway, which took us to atlas pot, After more waiting because of fixing hangers (no P-Hangers except entrance pitch) we eventually abseiled down to the ledge where the rope was re-belayed for the final drop to the bottom. Here me and mike explored the lower part of the cave while the others prussiked up. On the way out I found out Perseverance Pot and the entrance pitch are free climbable.

Caving: Eastwater Cavern (17-Oct-99)

  • Eastwater Cavern

  • 01:45 hours
  • 225:00 cumulative hours

A nice short trip to find Dark cars and sunglasses after being given a survey drawn on a mars bar packet by Tav in the hunters the night before. Once you've done the exposed chimney up to this place and got through some tight squeezes there are some stunning formations. Quite surprising for Eastwater .

Caving: Stocks House Mine Shaft (17-Oct-99)

  • Tony Jarratt, Tony Boycott

  • Stocks House Mine Shaft

  • 01:45 hours
  • 226:45 cumulative hours

We entered the cave that had been extended a great deal since I was last there. Two dams had been put in and there was now a nice chest deep streamway. J-Rat and I surveyed the upstream section to the boulder while Tony clipped bags to the winch operated by bob smith.

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