Caving: Mendip Hills (15-Jul-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Singing River Mine (15-Jul-00)

  • Simon Clow

  • Singing River Mine

  • 02:30 hours
  • 410:15 cumulative hours

After some fun trying to work out which field (or actually garden) the entrance was in we got changed then had to walk back down into Shipham to take our stuff back to the cars (not allowed to change in the village). Once at the bottom of the 40' shaft it was anyone's guess which way to go. At the bottom there are two choices of routes, we followed one and as it is such a maze we kept revisiting places we had just come from. Our objective was to find the lakes and after a lot of exploring/getting lost we eventually found the first lake but we was up at a higher level. It therefore took us more time to actually find the low-level passage to the lakes. We looked at the old mine workings and swam across the lakes. Luckily enough route finding on the way out was not too difficult and we was soon at the shaft.

Caving: Swildons Hole (16-Jul-00)

  • Simon Clow

  • Swildons Hole

  • 06:00 hours
  • 416:15 cumulative hours

After a lot of time sorting out equipment we headed down Swildon's for my second cave dive. I was much calmer this time and when we arrived at Sump 2. I set up my own kit (Si checked it though). The sumps were how I remembered them from last time (cold and zero visibility). The first problem occurred in sump 4 where one on the nodules of rock caught my airline and almost ripped the regulator out of my mouth. This time we went through sump 6, which was good, and you could feel the pressure in your ears because of the depth. The other side of sump 6 we took off our cylinders and explored Swildon's 7. After finding sump 7 we turned around and headed out. On the way out I led through some of the sumps, which meant I got slightly better visibility. Also in sump 2 I found the air bell (nothing really worth looking at). Altogether an excellent trip -still waiting to get to sump 12.

Diving Logbook

Diving: Swildons Hole (16-Jul-00)

  • Simon Clow

  • Swildons Hole, Mendip

  • 01:00 dive time hours
  • 6m Depth

Good dive apart from Regulator hose got caught in sump 4. We couldn't find sump 7 by-pass.

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