Caving: Mendip Hills(12-Feb-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Gb Cavern (12-Feb-00)

  • Danny Brock

  • Gb Cavern

  • 02:30 hours
  • 275:00 cumulative hours

We went in via the standard route through to the main chamber. Down past the bridge to ladder dig where upon climbing past the two p-hangers on ladder dig we found the chain had been left coiled at the top. A bit of searching in the main chamber found a bit of old timber, which we tied to the rope and tried to catch the chain to pull it back down. This just resulted in it wedging between two rocks but luckily it just held my weight so I could pull my self to the top.

Caving: Swildons Hole (13-Feb-00)

  • Danny Brock

  • Swildons Hole

  • 03:30 hours
  • 278:30 cumulative hours

After a quick trip down to sump 1 on the way back out we visited the mud sump where the water was exceptionally high. On our way back to the streamway we met up with some cave divers and decided to follow them back to the mud sump and watch them dive through. After that we went out via the wet way.

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