Caving: Mendip Hills (10-May-2008)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Swildons Hole (10-May-2008)

  • Dave Pettet, Sam Emery, Jon Koster, David Harley, Chris Harley, Paul Wise, Maria Wise, Penny Leede, Danielle Tebbit, Ian Tebbit, Richard Barnett

  • Swildons Hole

  • 04:00 hours
  • 1,920:00 cumulative hours

Rescue practise along the Long Dry Way in Swildon?s. We started at the Old Grotto where one group packaged the casualty up into the stretcher and began the carry out. We also had radio communications with the surface but this was less successful. The stretcher was carried to the chamber just before the entrance. <br> <br>Afterwards we headed back to the Cave Rescue store to look at some of the other kit.

Caving: St Cuthberts (11-May-2008)

  • Sam Emery, Jon Koster, Danielle Tebbit, Ian Tebbit, Richard Barnett, Paul Wise

  • St Cuthberts

  • 04:00 hours
  • 1,924:00 cumulative hours

Tourist trip including Pulpit Pitch. First underground abseil for Sam, Jon and Richard which they seem to enjoy. From the bottom of Pulpit we then headed along the streamway to sump 1. On the way back out we visited all the pretties on the tourist route.

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