Caving: Mendip Hills (10-Jun-00)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Rhino Rift (10-Jun-00)

  • Mike Alderton, Tim Lamberton, + various SUCC throughout the day

  • Rhino Rift

  • 10:30 hours
  • 382:00 cumulative hours

After mike forgetting his wellies, light and most of his caving kit Tim and I went in to rig the pitches while mike went back to the Belfry to get his kit. Tim and I got to the last pitch and put another fixed line on it just as mike caught us up. We soon got to the chamber where the dig is. We started by clearing the dig of spoil and loading up a 1 Ton bag supported by the scaffolding. Once this was done Neil from SUCC joined us and dug out a lot of mud/spoil, which was bagged up and stacked at the top of the pitch. Lunch was bought down for us by more SUCC. After lunch we came across a sizeable boulder blocking the body size now horizontal tube. Mud was cleared out from the sides of the boulder and various attempts were made to haul the boulder out using the turfer but the sling would not grip the boulder. As everyone was leaving me mike and Tim had another attempt and with the aid of a crow bar we managed to get the sling underneath the boulder and with a lot of tension on the turfer cable we pulled the boulder free and managed to haul it up the pitch. A few smaller boulders were hauled out but the way on is still blocked by a couple of football-sized boulders. We now left the cave covered in mud and tired. Unfortunately I had to de-rig.

Caving: St Cuthberts (11-Jun-00)

  • Pete Hellier, Mike Alderton, Jenna Brady, + 2 SMCC

  • St Cuthberts

  • 03:30 hours
  • 385:30 cumulative hours

After a heavy night because of Mendip Caving 2000 we made our way to the village hall because there was meant to be a MRO practise rescue, but not enough people turned up so it was cancelled and we went to Bat instead, we also looked for Mike's watch as he lost it in the mineries last night. After a pub lunch we met up with Pete and went down Cuthbert's. We got as far as sump 2, which was good. The cascades were excellent as 3 bright lights illuminated it. A good trip with lots of good formations seen.

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