Caving: Mendip Hills (06-Nov-04)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Thrupe Lane (06-Nov-04)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Helen Stalker, Pete Whitaker

  • Thrupe Lane

  • 04:00 hours
  • 1,538:45 cumulative hours

Not been down Thrupe lane for some time so decided to give it a go on this particularly busy mendip weekend. Route-finding was no real problem thanks to excellent description from Mike Wilson. Down to Atlas pot, the descent of which was on very dodgy worn out bolts and under a lot of water. Followed the passage ata the bottom to the sump before returning.

Caving: St Cuthberts (07-Nov-04)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Tash, Pat, Andy Chell, Crispin Lloyd

  • St Cuthberts

  • 03:00 hours
  • 1,541:45 cumulative hours

Aim of the trip was to dive sump 2. We went to sump 2 via the standard tourist route (apart from Crispin & Kev who went down pulpit pitch). Once at sump 2 I dived on a base fed line through into a small flooded chamber, airspace could be seen but not reached, from here I went feet first down a 45degree descending tube that was partially full of very fine silt (Sand). This soon pinched to a close and a return was made.

Diving Logbook

Diving: St Cuthberts (07-Nov-04)

  • St Cuthberts, Mendip

  • 01:00 dive time hours
  • 0m Depth

Exploration dive into Sump 2 with a base fed line. Entered a small chamber after a few meters then descended feet first down a 45 degree tight tube for about 1-2m. The floor was a mixture of soft mud, sand and gravel. The roof was solid rock. further progress could be made here through digging.

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