Caving: Mendip Hills (02-Jul-99)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Swildons Hole (02-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson

  • Swildons Hole

  • 03:00 hours
  • 161:15 cumulative hours

A nice trip down to see what the mud sump was like, after a hour of bailing we gave up and went down to sump 2 and then back out again.

Caving: Longwood August (03-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson

  • Longwood - August

  • 04:30 hours
  • 165:45 cumulative hours

Luckily for us as this was our first time in this cave we met some other cavers doing rhino rift who showed us how to get to longwood and also the knack for undoing the lock. Once in we got down to the twin verticals which we passed without the need for the ladder, and decided to explore longwood system first. Navigation was quite easy until we got to the main chamber where we had a bit of a problem finding swing pitch. When we eventually got to the pitch, which turned out to be free climbable, we went down the pitch and onto the main streamway which we explored both up and downstream. After that we headed out the cave via August system which was excellent especially the chimney. It was so good we went back down again and came out via Iongwood we then decide to head out the cave.

Caving: Eastwater Cavern (04-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson

  • Eastwater Cavern

  • 03:00 hours
  • 168:45 cumulative hours

After discussing this cave down the pub we were quite sure of the route. We went in following the guideline through the boulder ruckle entrance and down to the start of the 380' way. We then went along the upper traverse, then left at the T-junction up to baker's chimney then back round to the canyon through the s-bend and then the lower traverse. After exploring primrose path we headed out the cave via hallelujah hole and the upper traverse again.

Caving: His Lordships Hole (04-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Tony Jarratt

  • His Lordships Hole

  • 01:30 hours
  • 170:15 cumulative hours

Our first digging trip that turned out to be well worth it. We went down the 45? angled sewage pipe and after crawling through some low cave passage we came out into a chamber. His Screaming Lords Such Memorial Chamber. In a small hole in the bottom of this chamber was a small stream. One at a time we got into this hole and started chiselling away the rock where the water was going. After that we rigged this hole with explosives retreated to a safe distance and blew it up. Our first banging trip.

Caving: Attbourgh Swallet (04-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson

  • Attbourgh Swallet

  • 00:30 hours
  • 170:45 cumulative hours

Tony gave us the key to this wonderful cave after we had finished in 'His Lordships'. We walked across the field to a depression almost full of cow crap. In the middle was the top part of the sewage pipe we had to descend. After climbing down this tube we were in more cow crap. We went further on into the cave that was getting muddier the further we went in. We soon realised there was nothing to see in this cave so we headed out.

Caving: Rods Pot (05-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Dan Christie, + 3 Others

  • Rods Pot

  • 00:30 hours
  • 171:15 cumulative hours

Another trip with novices. We just went to the bottom of the cave and then back out.

Caving: Sidcot Swallet (05-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Dan Christie, + 3 Others

  • Sidcot Swallet

  • 00:45 hours
  • 172:00 cumulative hours

Lobster Pot and back.

Caving: Goatchurch Cavern (05-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Dan Christie, + 3 Others

  • Goatchurch Cavern

  • 01:00 hours
  • 173:00 cumulative hours

To the bottom of the drainpipe and back out.

Caving: Swildons Hole (05-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson

  • Swildons Hole

  • 01:00 hours
  • 174:00 cumulative hours

After getting kited up at the green we realised we had forgotten the ladder for the 20' pitch. So we entered the cave trying to make as much out of it as possible. We went in the wet way and at the bottom of the 40' pitch we decided to try and free climb up it. We did this with ease after remembering there was a lower entrance to the head of the 40'. We then went back down to the streamway and along to the 20' pitch. Neither of us had ever free climbed it before but was willing to give it a go. We managed that with ease headed down to sump 1 and then came out the cave. After all it was worth forgetting the ladder .

Caving: Swildons Hole (06-Jul-99)

  • Kevin Tomlinson, Dan Christie, + 3 Others

  • Swildons Hole

  • 02:15 hours
  • 176:15 cumulative hours

We went in the wet way down to sump 1 through sump 1 and along to sump 2 We then turned around and headed out the cave via the wet way.

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