Caving: Dyo (07-Dec-02)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Dyo (07-Dec-02)

  • Joel Corrigan, Daf Morris-Jones, Rich Bayfield

  • Dan-Yr-Ogof

  • 09:15 hours
  • 1,170:00 cumulative hours

A rather wet trip, with lots of gear, to climb an aven up by the risings. Srangely the showcave was open and was full of Christmas decorations, sparkling lights and even Santa with his elves. Unfortunately Russell from CUCC who was with us wasn't very well equipped and therefore, due to the water levels in the lakes, couldn't continue, he then had to sit in the car for the duration of our trip. We continued, with one less member than when we started with and after the unpleasant Green Canal we soon reached the Risings. It was now a very tedious and cold long wait for Joel to firstly free-climb and then bolt the 15m' Aven. Many hours was spent belaying while standing in the Risings sump - very cold feet. Once he gained the top an SRT rope was rigged and we went up to join him in a small muddy chamber. From here Joel pushed me up into a second chamber where the only possible way on was a tight Dachstein meander, with extremely sharp rock. I pushed down this for a very short way before it completely closed up, it had also turned and was now heading back towards the known part of the cave. We then de-rigged all the aiding gear and headed back to the surface, leaving a CUCC rope for de-rigging at a later date. The unpleasant Green Canal had to be done on the way out as well but overall a very good, albeit cold at times, trip.

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