Caving: Derbyshire (13-Mar-04)

Caving Logbook

Caving: Maskill Mine (13-Mar-04)

  • Bea Goford, Joel Corrigan, Matt St.Clair, Chris Morgan, Wayne Sheldon, Thom Harwood

  • Maskill Mine

  • 07:00 hours
  • 1,416:30 cumulative hours

After spending ages looking for the entrance to Maskill we evetually did the exchange trip through to Oxlow Cavern.

Caving: Jh Engine Mine (14-Mar-04)

  • Loads of people from CUCC, TSG & DCRO

  • Jh Engine Mine

  • 00:00 hours
  • 1,416:30 cumulative hours

Ian Holmes and Thom were planning on doing a through trip from JH to Peak Cavern. The ropes were already rigged in JH so they set off hoping to emerge in Peak Cavern. However once in the Speedwell system they were convinced the waist deep water was the wrong way and so turned to try and find an alternative route. They ended up in a horribly muddy and tight place called the Assault Course where there tackle bag was ripped open and they lost quite a lot of their SRT kit. They decided to return back up JH but with only half an SRT kit between them it was slow progress. They were met part-way up JH by the first rescue team who escorted them out Speedwell Cavern by boat. I spent a miserable evening on the surface in the rain & wind trying to operate the radios. We eventually got back to Cardiff at 4am ready for work the next day.

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